HBO Supply Chain Management

Quality Engineer
Aantal uur: 40 | Locatie: Hengelo

Job description:

Our customer has focus on delivering world-class quality and reliability through our advanced turbine technology, allowing us to serve global markets with clean, distributed energy solutions. It is everyone’s job to maintain and improve the quality of products and processes. The main responsibility of the Quality Engineer is not only to contribute to that but also to create an environment where having an eye for and increasing quality is “standard” and to drive and empower these improvements in a pragmatic but also structured way.

Daily activities vary from investigating root causes for current issues to optimizing process flows. You will be in close contact with all your colleagues, customers and suppliers. The Quality Engineer completes the QHSE team. This team is also responsible for customer documentation.

Your main responsibilities include to:

  • ensure that quality issues (internal/external) are being solved, and create and implement strategies for quality assurance in product development and production.
  • coordinate, organize, perform, report on, and follow up on 8Ds for issues regarding products and processes;
  • inform and update our customers about the milestones and status of root cause analyses, and explain to them how these analyses affect them now or in the future, and how the customer benefits from these.
  • be the driving force and the central point for improving, monitoring and reporting 8Ds and drive 8D progress and ownership;
  • be the owner of DNV and API standards, and act accordingly to ensure that our customer complies to the newest editions released;
  • coordinate, organize, perform, report on, and follow up on QHSE and product risk assessments and (improvement) actions for projects (and) at our customer;
  • audit our customer and its suppliers for compliance to international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001, and to take the lead solving actions regarding these audits; and to
  • act as a catalyst for change and improvement in quality of our customer products, services, and processes.

This fulltime position is based in Hengelo, The Netherlands. Travelling might become part of this job (approx. 10%). Customer and supplier sites are located around the world.

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